LES BAS SRL Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Antonio Fasciolo which today is still the majority shareholder and sole director.
In 1993 he joined the American multinational SARA LEE owns of the major  intimate brands and consumer goods.
In 2005 leaves the group SARA LEE, who left the textile market in Italy and sells all its holdings.
From there the company becomes independent and starts the research and development in the direction of a retail market specialed in medium-high / high-end level.
To date Les Bas Ltd. with its own sales network of exclusive and pluri-companies agents covers the whole Italian territory.
In Italy, the company provides its products to approximately 400 qualified retail stores for intimate , accessories and pret-a-porter.
The expansion plan envisages more and more agreements with foreign companies for the high-end level and Italian companies operating in a niche market with qualified products, research and innovation.

Visit our website and if you may need additional information, kindly send us an-email to : lesbas@lesbas.com